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Clip-on Sunglasses

prescription glasses.

are easy to use, protect
glare and ease eye strain.

The handy flip up function
means you don't have to
remove them when going

Fitover sunglasses give
total protection from
dangerous uva/uvb
radiation and cuts out
glare from the sides of
your glasses

Night driving glasses help
with dangerous streetlight
and headlight glare.

Wear them whilst driving
for complete comfort and

We have been selling Clip
On Sunglasses for 10
years online and have
seen the business grow
as people pass on the
great feedback to family
and friends.

Your family and friends
are our next customers!
Clip On Readers / Magnifier
Over your prescription

Over your sunglasses

over your reading
glasses for small print or
when extra magnification

beach, shopping,
crosswords, intricate
work, sewing, reading
small print,
Clip On Magnifier/Readers

Free Case Included
Add A Cloth 0.99

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